Faye K. Brown Reviews Rachel Finch’s A Sparrow Stirs its Wings

“Pieces of me lie scattered in his fingerprints, his voice an echo at the base of my throat and as he nears me, I cross my heart and hope to die.” (He Will Carry Me, As Long A I Will Carry Him)

Amidst the hardships flowing through her veins, Rachel Finch has found salvation from sexual abuse and trauma through her poetry. This piece is just one of the many heart- wrenching, soul-shattering poems in her debut poetry book “A Sparrow Stirs Its Wings”.  Rachel invites her readers to over 120 pieces of her heart & soul, and I can guarantee you will need a box of tissues by your side for this book.

Split into two sections (Part One: Broken Egg Shells/ Part Two: Flight); readers can clearly identify the mood on the pages. Described within her poetic words are hellish moments worded so beautifully that you can’t help but to fight back the urge to dive in between the lines and save the girl before danger strikes. Rachel’s writing is spiritual, delicate, truthful, and at times, heart-piercing. There is a cleansing spirit even within the darker portions of the book:

“He thinks the darkness will swallow me whole, but he has forgotten that light burns within me.” (Inner Flame)

The emotions felt are powerful, and paralyzing.  Her words are a comforting hand to hold while they take you back to your own tragedies, as she holds you tight through poetry, and comforts you through her ability to be triumphant within turmoil.  A mark of a great poet Is the ability to make emotional connection with their audience, and Rachel Finch does exactly that.

Abuse is one of the most difficult subjects to write about, talk about, and acknowledge personally, let alone publicly.  Rachel has a way of bringing abrupt attention to the matter without glorifying it. This subject is trip-wired with fine lines, and she brilliantly dances right over them with a healing warrior goddess mentality and message:

“I spent so long in the dark that the moment the light streamed in, I let it swallow me whole. The beauty was everywhere, is, everywhere. People are so breath-taking. When they let themselves feel, when they choose to house truth on their tongue, when they grow from the pain.” (Growth from Part Two: Flight)

So often we feel ostracized and ashamed because of the terrible things other humans have inflicted upon us.  Rachel preaches to us to “Shed The Shame” because we are survivors, not victims; we can learn and grow from the pain, not let it destroy us; we have a choice to harness our power and use it for good, not continue the cycle.

Rachel reminds us that no one can take who we are away from us. We are warriors and she is holding up the eternal flame of righteousness, proudly displaying her battle scars – not for glory – but to share her bravery and reminding us that we are not defined by our tragedies, pain, and suffering. I don’t know about you, but I couldn’t ask for a better soul to lead me into battle.

There is no stone left unturned in “A Sparrow Stirs Its Wings”. This is our anthem for 2018. The revolution we have all been waiting for.

Rachel has gained success as an online poet and community leader via Facebook and Instagram on her “Bruised But Not Broken” page, as well as on her poetry page “Rachel”.  She has over 600,000 followers and counting. She is a unstoppable force that takes the time to comfort hurting and lost souls that need direction, healing light, a safe community, and family.  “A Sparrow Stirs Its Wings” is a tangible piece of her online legacy, as well as one of the most powerful collections of poetic literature I have had the honor and privilege to read.  Get ready for your world to be poetically ROCKED!

A Sparrow Stirs its Wings is available from Amazon.com

front cover

Faye Brown is the author of Beautifully Damaged Things. You can read more of her writing at Black Orchid Poetry and FKBrown Poetry.





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