Nicole Lyons Reviews Rachel Finch’s A Sparrow Stirs its Wings

Every now and then, when the world seems to be rocked in chaos and people are screaming without listening – vile words and cries for help climbing on top of and over each other – a single voice stands out, and that voice is pure in its truth and stunning in its wisdom.

Rachel Finch, and her debut book, A Sparrow Stirs its Wings, is that voice right now. Turning her heartbreaking abuse into heart-wrenching prose, Finch writes her truth and gives her strength to every unnamed victim turned survivor.

A Sparrow Stirs its Wings’ is both a hard and a beautiful book to read, the wisdom and the pain contained in these pages demand to be heard and felt long after she puts it all to bed.

There is no voice quite as beautiful as the calm and cool voice of a survivor, an advocate, and a poet, and Rachel Finch is all of these things and so much more.

A Sparrow Stirs its Wings deserves a much-loved place on the bookshelves of survivors across the globe, literature lovers everywhere, and the therapists who are breaking out of the confines of antiquated methods to treat people with breathtaking art therapy.

A Sparrow Stirs its Wings is available at

Nicole Lyons is a force of nature disguised as a writer, a social activist, a voice for the downtrodden, and a powerful poet with a delicate touch. She is a best selling published author, poet, and also a consulting editor for Sudden Denouement.  You can read more of her writing at The Lithium Chronicles.


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