Rana Kelly



“He told me my eyes
Are the color of whiskey
So I razed every still
From Eire to Alba
In rage
When he left me.”

‘Superstition’ is a collection of poetry, prose, and personal essays which escort the reader through a swift adventure of love, love lost, and autobiographical confessions disclosing deep secrets forbearing a life led guided by a torn and weary heart.

Calling upon ancient gods and mythical creatures, poems and prose are metaphors and allegories with deep thought and descriptions so violently real at times you won’t want to turn your back on them. Others are poetically lovely and bring a smirk of humor at the clever wit behind them.

Never does Superstition disappoint. Each new page brings more surprises and shows the depth and true glory of the author’s ability to weave words into hypnotic prose and poetry, with life narrations sewing everything into a worthy experience of the light and dark of her mind.

This book is a must-read for those hungry for original thoughts of an extremely intelligent woman who shares her deepest thoughts and intersperses them with poetry and prose in a Plath-like manner with a Celtic touch.

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Paperback, 89 pages/Published August 5th  2017 by Sudden Denouement Publishing

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Rana Kelly was born and raised in the Deep South and now lives in the Southwestern desert, usually praying for rain. She published her first poem in the 5th grade and has since published many, many more works, including creative non-fiction and personal essays in varied literary magazines and small presses. She is enamored of her Celtic ancestry and pulls inspiration from it often.